Random Text messages

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Random text message exchange last night:



ME: Hey

UNKNOWN TEXTER: Heyy :) wat you doing

ME: Who is this? Thanks.

UNKNOWN TEXTER: Lol why did you say thank. Tiff its jeff ****** member me

ME: Nope, this is D.G. not Tiff. Where would I know you from?

JEFF: Who are you you have her old phone or something. But From autozone we became good friends but i havnt talked to her in a while.

ME: Nope this is D.G. What is Tiffany’s last name? Because I don’t think we know each other. Sorry man.

JEFF: How do you have her phone

ME: This is my number. I guess she has a new phone number.

JEFF: Lol wait is this the tiff that lives in ohio or the one that worked in auto zone. Which ever one we no each other

ME: Nope neither, I live in KY and my wife; Tiffany, is a pastor.

JEFF: Lol wow im lost so idk because this is her number or was her number. The tiff im lookin for is probly 19 or 20 now

ME: Yeah. Again, this is no longer her number. Sorry. I guess you could look for it via Facebook. Good luck, and God bless ya.

JEFF: Do you no her since you some how have her number. And i am so sorry if im buggin you

ME: No worries Jeff. AT&T recycles phone numbers when one person drops their current line and then gives a new customer a recycled phone number. This one just happened to be her old one. Bless ya. Night.

JEFF: O ok well good meetin you lol night

ME: Night.


Yearly check-in…sorry.

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Well, I just thought about my blog today and realized that I kind of miss it, but man life is fully in changing mode right now. Tiffany and I just traveled to Dallas for our adoption interviews ( http://adoption.hollums.com ) And it went great it was supposed to last from 1pm-4pm, but we left there around 5:30pm, but I think that is a good thing because we really got to know our case worker! We now get to wait for 30 days to be “officially approved” by Edna Gladney, and then we get to take some online parenting classes that the agency offers online, and get to do some short local classes offered at most hospitals. We also get to start working on our books that will eventually get into the hands of the birth mothers and then they choose us and we go from there. So GREAT news there!

I also three weeks ago told the Florence UMC (the sponsoring church of Th3 Waters with the KY Conference) that I would no longer be the Cultural Architect of Th3 Waters as of June and will be up for another appointment. So, that most likely means that Tiffany and I will be moving in June. This is sad, but understandable, and we are working though it all transitioning Th3 Waters away from being lead by a full-time pastor. Tons of prayer needed for this.

I am also leaving tomorrow morning for Pasadena California to look into the PhD programs at Fuller Seminary ( School of Theology and School of Intercultural Studies). The more and more we pray about the PhD stuff, I think we would be best not to start a PhD program the same year that we might be getting a brand new baby in the Hollums family! But, I still think that God might be calling me to get a PhD and possibly teach at a Seminary level to encourage young clergy to remember how to dream with God, an area I think the church has forgotten how to do effectively! It would be a huge sacrifice, but if that is what God desires, then if you know me at all, I will go where He leads. period.

We had a great Christmas and New Year even though I was sick most of the time. heh heh…

And lastly, I am mildly addicted to foursquare a unique social media check-in system you can use via phone or computer. It basically brings the idea of Microsoft gamer points of PS3 trophies (a reward system) for visiting real life locations! I am finding that it is a great way to make getting out to meet with other people fun and rewarding. It is a great way to get geeks out into the world and adds a competitive fun aspect of going to places. And I think for Christians it is a great fun way to get out of our comfort zones, try new things, and meet new people….IN REAL LIFE!!! Tons of fun. Try it out.

Well, I guess I will type on here next year….if I’m lucky, heh.. in the mean time, please follow (and feel free to support) our adoption anyway you can by heading over to our adoption website.. It is updated much more often! heh. Thanks for staying with me here on this blog. Bless yall!

And as always, if you get bored, please check out my Flickr website and look at my photography. And remember if you would like a print or a few 100 prints of my photography, that I will print them for you send them to you and I will let you know the cost it will be to ship and print and anything over that amount I will put towards the adoption. So tell your friends and family! :) Bless yall!

Storms over mountians in Southern Colorado


life & photography

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Well, it sure has been a long time since I posted and I’m not sure if I am going to get back in the saddle here on the blog, but I am going through tons of wrestling right now, and while I can’t get into it yet, please know I am doing just fine, but I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Thanks for that!

So I’ve got some good news… I made it in the Capture Cincinnati Photography Book! I submitted about 10 photos and 3 of them made the book! I am thrilled. For a link to all of the photos that made the book go here, and for a link to purchase the book go here.

Also, I officially have entered the http://photofocus.com emerging photographer of the year award. I seriously doubt that I will even be considered, but I really do love taking classic Black and White Landscape and Travel photography. I realize that classic Black and White Landscape is not as popular in the world today (most want color), but I love the simplicity and contemplative aspects that it brings. And that brings me to the post that inspired this blog post.

Please visit my flickr photo page and look through my photos, I’d love to have some feedback!

Over at photofocus.com there was a blog post talking about art and spirituality and a few quotes from the Pope. Now, this subject of the arts in faith has been intriguing me as of late and I must say that there is a book in me somewhere to help others to see how art (especially photography) can be used to deepen not only a photographer’s spirituality, but could be used to bring about faith discussions with in communities. Anyway, I just wanted to give yall a sample from the Photofocus blog and since they do not allow comments over there at the blog I invite anyone to leave some here.

Here are a few quotes from the blog post by Scott Bourne:

“Recently, the Pope held a meeting with hundreds of artists. Discussing beauty and art, the Pope said, “Beauty … can become a path toward the transcendent, toward the ultimate mystery, toward God,”….I’ve always believed that the artistic expression available through photography reaches higher than most would immediately think.

The Pope went on to say, “In a world lacking in hope, with increasing signs of aggression and despair, there is an ever greater need for a return to spirituality in art.”

I think you can substitute any number of words for spirituality that mean something similar. The Pope believes that faith can nourish art. And perhaps it can. It can’t hurt.” -Scott Bourne

And why can’t art nourish faith? – D.G. Hollums (ha ha ha) Bless yall, and KUTPs!!!


Well life is crazy and wanted you to know

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Hello everyone out there who actually still reads this blog…

I just wanted to let everyone know of the huge news that we have sent in our application and have officially created an adoption website to keep everyone up to date in the process:

Here is the website link:


Oh, and one of my photos from my family vacation last year has been added to a online travel guide!!! Kind of cool. It is a shot of the Niagara Falls. So here is the message they sent to me via Flickr mail:

Schmap Niagara Falls Eighth Edition: Photo Inclusion

Hi D.G. Hollums,

I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo has been selected for inclusion in the newly released eighth edition of our Schmap Niagara Falls Guide:

Niagara Falls
Here is the guide with my picture on the right side.

If you use an iPhone or iPod touch, then this same link will take you directly to your photo in the iPhone version of our guide. On a desktop computer, you can still see exactly how your photo is displayed and credited in the iPhone version of our guide at:

Niagara Falls
iPhone version of the guide and my picture.

Thanks so much for letting us include your photo – please enjoy the guide!

Best regards,

Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides


Our Adoption Benefit Party (updated)

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Tiffany and I have some amazing friends and they have decided to plan and throw a Adoption fund raising party for us! So, if your interested please follow the following link to find out how you can attend (tickets are free)

OR if you like you can give to the adoption fund at this paypal link:

The PayPal button works now!

Thank you everyone!!! Oh and if you need to think about it then go here.


The top 5 “real” reasons that Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence

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Hey everyone:

If your not listening to The Guys’ Podcast then your missing out on a ton of fun! Tonight we recorded Episode #52 live via GeeksRadio.fm ! Please consider joining us every Thursday night 8:00pm Eastern for some good old fashioned fun, nothing religious, just fun geeky guys talking about Tech news, and reviewing movies, games, T.V. shows, and an occasional Sci-Fi book. Anyway, tonight our main topic was the top 5 “real” reasons Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence from Apple… each of the guys came up with their top 5, but here are my top five.

D.G.’s top 5 “real” reasons that Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence:

5. Steve is tired of dealing with the peons of this world and wants to take a vacation back to his home planet Krypton.
4. Steve needed to go undercover for the C.I.A. and work at the Buy More.
3. Steve needed to spend more time on the “brain washing” button in his secret laboratory that he built under the hidden lost city of Atlantis.
2. The power drive running his circuit board is almost dead and bill Gates can’t have his plan for world domination ruined!
1. Steve has a hormone deficiency and is taking sick leave for a few months.

Thanks for reading this blog, I know my blogging has been a lot slower now-a-days and you can think Twitter for that, but I promise I’m still here!


A Starbucks episode….wow…

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I love working in my local Starbucks, because there really is nothing like living a social experiment each day listening to people and loving people even if it is through just sitting and listening to other people, but I just witnessed and event that I wish I could tell most of the Christian world.

A lady just walked into the Starbucks and got the attention of the barista working the drive-through and handed him a Lee Strobel book, telling him that she bought him the book and wanted him to read it and then after he was done reading it to throw it away or give it to someone else it did not matter. And she reminded him that he told her something in the drive through that made her think of the book and she wanted him to read it.

Well, the immediate answer of the guy was, “I’ve already read it.”
she responded, “Oh well did you like it?”
after a short but awkward pause he said,”Well, he makes an OK argument, but your assuming that I am not already a Christian!”
And with that the lady felling a little embarrassed told him then he could give the book to someone else, and went as fast as she could out the door with out running into a dead sprint, heh.

This is a perfect example how the church has forgotten how to relate with the world that we find ourselves in. This well meaning lady, thought she was doing such a great thing for Christ by expecting a book to do all the work that the example of Christ wanted his followers to do. She did not have a relationship with this guy, she only knew him from the drive-through of a Starbucks, and she had not earned the right for him to listen to anything she said. It was a modified version of handing out a tract that “explains” the gospel and expects a sheet of paper to develop relationship with them and then some how the Holy Spirit will take over for them, and the problem of the Christian ghetto continues, huddled in the corners and seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

I then over heard the guy telling a co-worker that he used to attend a church that ran him out when he started to get serious about his discipleship and asked hard questions about Jesus and the Bible. And when the hard questions started to go past the “tried and true answers” he no longer felt like anyone wanted to join him in his traveling discovery of the Jesus he read about and how the words of that man/God are lived out and misunderstood by the world and his followers.

Please I beg of all of you, do not expect a billboard, tract, or Roman Road to replace what God desires of all of you…. build relationships and develop community!!!! Just do it and sit back and watch God and you start to develop community, relationships, and presence in this new way to be human.


Happy Slapsgiving!!!

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Sitting in church with all of the talk of Thanksgiving, made me think of this episode from “How I Met Your Mother” Its funny and a nice way to get ready to be with family! heh heh!

the 1st of the episode:

The end of the episode:


God’s Breath Mint Sermon released on Praxis Podcast

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I know that for the long time reads of this blog that i used to post any and every sermon i preached.. so I did another one, but this time I posted the audio and the written copy to the Praxis Podcast.. so if your interested head over to the Praxis Podcast website and listen to it or download it through iTunes! (please subscribe to it via iTunes…. that would help us greatly!



All Hallows Eve

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I read the blog post of a friend (Chris Marshall) And wanted to post the same kind of memory and understanding of this day. So, here is his blog post with my own names entered:

On this day the Celts believed the veil between this world and the next was so thin that it was almost permeable. It was thought to be a day of transition, from summer to winter, where the dead from the year previous would passover to the eternal realm. I do not worship my ancestors and friends who have gone before me, but I do honor them.

So today I honor the lives that touched mine but have moved on either to the realm where God is or are asleep awaiting the final Resurrection (depending on your theology). These are the people that led me in my faith.

Rest and Reign well my beloved:

Hebrews 12 (The Message)

Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!

Have a happy hallows!

Oh and pumpkin pictures from this years Geek Halloween Pumpkins are below:

Daylight version

lit up on the porch, with the candy bowl lighted from under the candy…looked very cool.


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